• Carl Henrikson

    Innovation and digital transformation at AFRY

    My passion is with working with ideas, people and technology. I love to inspire groups of all sizes to help unleash their potential and build successful teams that are capable to deliver. I am an entrepreneur at heart with many years of experience of building teams, solutions and transforming an idea into a shipping product.
    I am always open to new business opportunities!



    AFRY Experience Design

    Innovation & Digital transformation leader at AFRY​

    April 2021 - Current


    My passion is with working with ideas, people and technology. I love to inspire groups of all sizes to help unleash their potential and build successful teams that are capable to deliver. I am an entrepreneur at heart with many years of experience of building teams, solutions and transforming an idea into a shipping product.

    Volvo Car Corporation
    Global Innovation Group - Shanghai and Göteborg

    Senior Consultant

    January 2018 - Current


    As an advisor I work with innovation and outside-in methodologies to discover customer value in the automotive business with focus on China

    A global robotics company

    Senior Consultant

    september 2017 - December 2017


    As an advisor, I work with innovation and outside-in methodologies to discover customer value as in input to the R&D team. The outcome was a new product concept and a patent application was filed.

    A global security company

    Senior Consultant

    November 2017 - Present


    As an advisor I work with coaching the company in matters related to outside-in methodologies and agile software development.

    A global leading producer of outdoor power products for forest​

    Senior Consultant

    April 2017 - September 2017


    As an advisor I work with innovation and outside-in methodologies to discover customer value as in input to the R&D team

  • CV


    Senior Consultant

    April 2016 - may 2021


    As an advisor in Cybercoms Business advisory team I work with combining strategy, business and technology in new and innovative ways. Boosting companies competitiveness in the connected world.




    Digital and Mobile Strategist

    Sep 2014 - May 2016


    As a digital /mobile strategist I worked with organizations to bring digital ideas to life from analysis, through strategy to implementation. Based on an analysis, a smart strategy and effective digital solutions almost all companies can become more successful.



    Milestones AB

    Owner and CEO

    Sep 2009 - Present


    Milestones is an IT consulting firm with a special focus on custom mobile development and delivery of nearshore IT projects in the Swedish market.

    Example projects
    * Custom web based MRM (Marketing Resource Management) system for a global furniture brand
    * Inflight entertainment system on charter airlines
    * Mobile apps for medical / pharma
    * Mobile apps for financial data
    * Research and strategy work for mobile payment and verification
    * Research and prestudy work for selection of CRM system for retail brand
    * Location based apps for architectural survey work for a government agency
    * Visualization app for urban planning and cooperation for a government agency
    * Mobile games for edutainment
    * Mobile app for a business organization

    Lecturer at IHM business School and West Coast Chamber of Commerce

    Relevant Relations

    Chairman of the board

    Chairman of the Board

    November 2010 – December 2013


    The ForMembers platform targets the mobile customer loyalty segment.

    Contribio AB

    co founder

    Nov 2006 - Mar 2010


    Contribio's mission is to make media distribution over the Internet fast and inexpensive for everyone.



    Key Account Manager

    2007 - 2009


    StroedeRalton is a leading company in relationship marketing in Scandinavia. StroedeRalton provides services with focus on strategic sales and marketing, business development and sales and marketing process optimization. Services include direct marketing from strategy to fulfilment and software tools to support the marketing processes. StroedeRalton AB offers a wide range of direct marketing services from campaign management, IT solutions with it’s own development campaign and CRM software solution Relation Plus, address and media broking, fulfilment services to printing and distribution.





    jan 2006 - jan 2008


    Pho2home is an online photofinishing service, which provides digital prints and personalised photo books to consumers and SMBs.



    Victor Hasselblad AB

    Product Manager Digital Photography

    jan 2000 - Dec 2005


    Responsible for the marketing of the Hasselblad camera system as a platform for digital photography. I participated in the development of the Hasselblad camera system and it’s adaption to and communication with digital camera backs.In this position, I was responsible for the negotiation with several international electronics and software companies



    Hasselblad AB

    Product Manager Digital Photography

    Apr 1997 - Mar 1999


    Responsible for sales of digital imaging products and professional digital cameras and camera backs at Hasselblad Svenska in Sweden and Denmark.



    Hasselblad Electronic Imaging AB

    Technical Sales Support

    Apr 1995 - Mar 1997


    Hasselblad Electronic Imaging AB was a leading supplier of image databases and imaging workflow products to newspapers, image agencies and magazines.
    In the position of Technical Sales Support I provided presales analysis, workflow implementation and acceptance tests.



    Power Up Media Systems

    Co founder, Business Development and Concept creator

    1991 -1995


    Power Up Media Systems developed systems for interactive game programs delivered by cable television. Installations in Sweden, Denmark and Finland



  • Projects and stuff

    Article in Reachout Magazine, interview with Google and Milestones

    CEO Milestones AB

    About digital and change.

    Surf's App

    CEO Milestones AB

    Social Networking app for watersports enthusiasts.
    Location-based ad hoc social networking and communication about weather and conditions. Surf spot information. Weather data from Swedish weather service. 

    Elaxis ECG app

    CEO Milestones AB

    Medical training ECG (Electrocardiogram) app

    CoMapper app

    CEO Milestones AB

    An app for location-based crowdsourcing of data for a research project

    Business Check app Bisnode

    CEO Milestones AB

    Business information and credit rating app

    Educational apps

    CEO Milestones AB

    Educational apps for first-graders

    Inflight Entertainment system

    CEO Milestones AB

    An Android based nflight entertainment system for charter airlines


    CEO Milestones AB

    Collaboration and instant messaging app

    App West Coast Chamber of Commerce

    CEO Milestones AB

    Location-based networking app

    Formembers Loyalty app

    Chairman Relevant Relations

    Formembers loyalty app. Eliminating plastic loyalty cards and bringing them into the smartphone.

    Formembers Loyalty app

    Chairman Relevant Relations

    Formembers won an award from Venture cup as one out of 380 ideas.

    Marketing Resource Management - MRM System

    CEO Milestones AB

    Project lead for development of a web based MRM (Marketing Resource Management) system.

    Urban planning solution

    CEO Milestones AB

    A web based urban planning solution for Swedish Department of Transportation in cooperation with Mistra Urban Futures.

    Custom Software Development

    CEO Milestones AB

    A large number of custom software development projects outsourced to Romania

    Web to print and e-commerce solution

    Co-founder Photohome

    Founded Pho2home and the e-commerce site pho2home.se - a web based photofinishing service for fulfilment of photographic prints and custom digital printed photo books.


    Co-founder Contribio

    Peer to peer technology for delivery of streaming media

    Hasselblad Dfinity Camera

    Product Manager - Victor Hasselblad AB

    Hasselblad's first digital camera was developed by a joint cooperation between Hasselblad and Silicon Valley-based image sensor developer Foveon.

    Cooperation with Foveon

    Product Manager - Victor Hasselblad AB

    Image: Hasselblad CEO Göran Bernhoff and Inventor Dr. Carver Mead founder of Foveon

    Dfinity used to document Gutenberg Bibles

    Product Manager - Victor Hasselblad AB

    The Dfinity camera system was built by special order by NTT, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Co. Japan.

    The cameras were used for scientific documentation of rare documents, notably the Gutenberg bibles. The only Gutenberg bible in Asia is now owned by Keio University in Japan.


    Digital Image quality and interfaces

    Product Manager - Victor Hasselblad AB

    Working with establishing digital image quality, prototyping solutions and intercafing cameras with digital camera backs.

    Interactive Sales Manual

    Manager - Global marketing campaigns Victor Hasselblad AB

    Developed an interactive sales manual for the Hasselblad H1

    Hasselblad marketing campaigns

    Manager, global marketing campaigns

    Victor Hasselblad AB

    The campaigns were part of Hasselblads global campaign portfolios

    Hasselblad 203s Space Camera

    Product Manager - special applications Victor Hasselblad

    The 203S camera was developed for both use in space vehicles and for EVA - Extravehicular Activity or space walks. The 203s provided NASA high-quality images and the latest in photographic technology. The 203s imprinted the date and time of each image on the film so it could be matched to the computer-controlled location of the Shuttle at any point in time. This took the guesswork out of determining the spot on Earth in each photograph.

    The 203s is now exhibited at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

    Hasselblad MKWE

    Product Manager - special applications Victor Hasselblad

    The MKWE camera was developed for photogrammetry applications in surveying and aerial photography

    Hasselblad 203s in space

    Product Manager - special applications Victor Hasselblad

    This Swedish flag was flown on Space Shuttle Discovery in mission STS-92

    Hasselblad Electronic Imaging

    Image management systems

    Worked with several newspapers and news agencies with implementing image management systems and image databases

    Volvo 850 Photography

    Photographer Carl Henrikson

    Volvo 850 launch photos by photographers Jean Pragen & Carl Henrikson 

  • Talks

    Zen and the art of selling mobile app projects

    Selling Digital Transformation

    About how to sell digital transformation services. Thanks to Geoffrey Moore http://www.geoffreyamoore.com/ author of Crossing the Chasm and Dominic Rowsell and Ian Gotts authors of Why Killer Products Don't Sell. https://iangotts.wordpress.com/why-killer-products/

    Sogeti Inspiration Day

    The impact of SMACT

    Presentation from Sogeti Inspiration Day 2016. Digital transformation. The impact of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and internet of Things.

  • Education & certifications

    Certified Innovation Leader

    A small tagline

    Certified innovation leader according to ISO/IEC 17024

    Certificate of Proficiency in English

    University of Cambridge

    CPE is the most advanced qualification offered by Cambridge English Language Assessment and has been developed to show achievement of an extremely high level of English.

    DIHM - Diploma of Marketing

    IHM Business School

    DIHM Marketing

    Certified ScrumMaster

    ScrumAlliance & Softhouse Education

    A Certified ScrumMaster® helps project teams properly use Scrum, increasing the likelihood of the project's overall success. CSMs understand Scrum values, practices, and applications and provide a level of knowledge and expertise above and beyond that of typical project managers.

    Inbound Marketing


    Inbound marketing course by Hubspot

    Certified Board Member

    West Coast Chamber of Commerce

    The aim of the certification training Effective Company Directorship is to expand participants’ knowledge of corporate governance and the work of boards to enable them to contribute more actively and professionally to the competitiveness and success of companies and organisations.

    Building Mobile Experiences


    • HCI research methods such as Contextual Inquiry, Diary Studies, Interviewing, and Field Studies
    • Qualitative analysis techniques such as Grounded Theory, Affinity Analysis, and Flow Models
    • An understanding of current academic research and products in your domain of interest
    • How to use data from people as inspiration for new application concepts

    Tackling the Challenges of Big Data

    MIT Professional x

    This Digital Programs course surveys state-of-the-art topics in Big Data, looking at data collection (smartphones, sensors, the Web), data storage and processing (scalable relational databases, Hadoop, Spark, etc.), extracting structured data from unstructured data, systems issues (exploiting multicore, security), analytics (machine learning, data compression, efficient algorithms), visualization, and a range of applications.

    MSc. Digital Marketing

    Manchester Metropolitan Business School
    2014 - 2019

    Digital Strategy: Planning in Integrated Digital Communications

    Digital Strategy: Thinking and Innovation
    Looking at how to align digital operations and business objectives and manage the tensions introduced by the disruptive influence of innovation.

    Content Strategy for customer engagement
    An exploration of driving customer engagement through effective content production and management

    Growth and Performance Management
    Investigating how effectively leveraging customer insight can lead to greater relevancy and efficiency in campaigns to improve results and lead to a cycle of continuous improvement. Themes will include CRM and eCRM, campaign planning, operational optimisation and collection and interpretation of insight

    Silverpop Fundamentals


    Overview of marketing automation platform Silverpop.

    IBM commerce


    IBM Commerce Sales Mastery Test

    IBM Tealeaf CX


    IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud Analyst

    IBM Watson Internet of Things

    IBM Coursera 2016-17

    IBM Watson IoT. A developer's guide to IoT

    Business Model Canvas Workshop

    Strategyzer Academy 2017

    Workshop with Alexander Osterwalder


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